Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help develop the region of Mulut Seribu in east Rote by using its most representative jewel: the island of Lemaina.

The present goal is achieved by creating a successful and profitable business that opens the region to international tourists. In this way, we ensure sustainability of the region and her inhabitants through long term employment opportunities and educational facilities. This will be achieved through the injection of new capital and subsequently ploughing back of profits.

Our vision is to “put Lemaina at the top of the chart” in the industry of tourism and hospitality.
We aim at being a trusted partner in the sustainable and long-term transformation of the region of Mulut Seribu.

Strategic Priorities (1)

Develop the Potential of the Population

Creating educational facilities specifically in English language as a first stage in 2021 and providing the necessary skillset for the inhabitants to enable them to tackle the ever-growing Tourism sector that comes with an influx of foreign investors and partners. In collaboration with the local teachers and other part-time teachers from different parts of Europe and USA, we will ensure that top quality education is provided, beginning with pupils during the day and evening classes for adults. Our focus will be English Language, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Strategic Priorities (2)

Create and Ensure Sustainable Business in the Tourism Sector

We plan to inject the sum of 10 Billion rupiahs in the next five years and develop a running business that creates up to 25 permanent and 80 temporary jobs. Once reached, we will further expand and create new jobs and opportunities. The inhabitants will also cease the opportunity to open businesses (e.g., selling of food, acting as tour guides and selling handcrafted goods). This process will showcase the beautiful culture of Mulut Seribu and ensure an exponential growth of the clientele. Hence, our long-term goal of completely transforming Lemaina with her own Education, Healthcare and business center will be achieved. Here, we also point out our willingness to contribute through transparency in paying fair taxes and avoidance of capital flight. In this way, we hope that the public authorities of the region will support us by improving the local infrastructure (e.g., roads and ports).

Strategic Priorities (3)

Promote Mulut Seribu Internationally through Innovative Marketing

Beginning with a website that is already available, we invest in constant innovative marketing to target high-value tourists that will appreciate the natural environment of Mulut Seribu and in so doing, ensure a constant stream of cash inflows. We focus on aggressive digital marketing using Facebook, Instagram YouTube, Twitter, and a host of others, to create video content and attract customers from most developed countries (specifically in central Europe and USA) who appreciate Eco-Tourism.

Strategic Priorities (4)

Build Trust with the Society

It is most important for us to gain local trust and cooperation of the inhabitants. We will include everyone in our vision of developing the area, siting the many advantages that are associated with such a project. Although we focus on boosting local income and public revenue, we equally ensure protection of the environment by providing rules and following legislations that ensure respect for the natural habitat of the region. This will be clearly broadcasted to the population. Given that our local partners and a majority of the population already share this vision, it will be our duty to constantly ensure trust through transparency and mutual respect.