To attract the necessary attention, it is crucial to undertake this project in a unique area like Lemaina. In terms of marketing, this is a key factor for the success of the whole project. Initial contact has already been established with the government of Rote Ndao (Ibu and Wakil Bupati, Jermi Haning).
Since we know that islands in Indonesia must be publicly accessible, we are reaching out to find a solution to make the project happen within the legal possibilities.

The island has three parts which are connected to the beach. There are different ways to measure the land: 39.300 m2 excl. beach, 53.350 m2 incl. beach. An analysis of the land for the most suitable location indicates that for this project, the western part of the east island (blue area) fits best. The eastern part is too exposed to the constant east wind.

It is not our goal to over-crowd the region but to give it its deserved international awareness. We want to create a premium paradise that stands out for premium tourists. An attraction that people hear, read about and abandon all other areas just to travel to. Our main inspirations are places like Ubud and bamboo Indah in Bali. We want to combine those elements with our own touch of the ocean.

The nature of this project will be unique in this combination. That is why we do not see any competition worth mentioning now (on Rote as well as globally). Especially on the eastern part of Rote, there is almost no place where tourists can stay overnight which limits further exploration. Those that will be built soon will compete in a different niche. We believe that these future local accommodations will only be the crown that surrounds and highlights the Jewel and will be helpful for us to promote Mulut Seribu, raise awareness to this project and open doors for tourists to visit Lemaina.

Since the crisis at the beginning of 2020, mankind’s view about environment has completely evolved. Our forecasts have shown that there will be many such projects in the future.

We can make a major contribution by becoming the pioneers and visionaries of this change in thinking. It may well be that many future entrepreneurs will follow the example of Rote Island. We see a certain responsibility in this, which we carry towards humanity on our shoulders. But this fact motivates us even more to realize this project and to be an example.