One of our goals is to increase the attention that Rote Island deserves. The whole team lived and visited various places around the world. Rote Island is by far one of the most beautiful places on our planet. Therefore, we do not understand why other places, which are not nearly as charming, have an advanced economy.
Rote Island offers the following characteristics:

  • a beautiful landscape
  • lots of islands and lagoons (Mulut Seribu)
  • clean sea
  • friendly & courteous inhabitants
  • an exotic cuisine
  • good conditions for watersports (diving, surfing, wakeboarding, sailing)

For these reasons, we see that it is essential to preserve and develop these properties. We do not want to make a “second Bali” out of Rote, but a place that is attractive in its natural way. A slight increase in the island’s economy is controllable and yet beneficial for the island and its inhabitants. These are the motives which inspired and motivated the whole team to start such a project.

Job creation

As mentioned above, it is a key point for us that this project will benefit both the island and its inhabitants. A first step in this direction is to create more jobs. For the construction and maintenance, we want people who are committed by heart, and the residents have given us every indication of their love for this project. They see the opportunities that come with this project and have given us their wholehearted blessings. In this regard, we have already obtained some commitments for the following positions:

  • English teacher
  • Assistance with construction (Architect)
  • Local construction company (KSU Talena Lain)
  • Bamboo carpenters
  • Support with maintenance (laundry, cleaning, cooking, serving)
  • Support of the company in law, accounting etc.
  • Reception
  • local guides (external companies)


Investment in development

Increasing the reputation and creating jobs are two of the things we can offer to Rote Island. Here comes the third point:
Raising capital for further local projects. We have already been successful in raising equity and investor capital. If the project is up and running and delivers positive results, we know for certain, that we will get more investors on board. Especially now, during the Corona crisis, humanity has become more and more confronted with challenges, in terms of environment and sustainability. Therefore, more and more people are becoming aware of projects of this kind. But this can only work if all parties do their job properly. Only then, is it possible for us to gather more environmentally conscious people. Therefore, the interest is not only in us, but also in the population to work together harmoniously.
The funds can be used in various areas:

  • Expansion of infrastructure
  • Expansion of educational opportunities
  • Marketing for the region
  • Construction of sustainable systems
  • And various other projects

The possibilities to use the funds are almost infinite. We are also convinced that all parties (government, population and the team) can create efficient, sustainable and profitable projects with good consultation and cooperation. If we achieve this goal together, there will be no more problems to attract future investors because everyone desires to be part of a functioning and well-structured project.