Our mission is to help develop the region of Mulut Seribu in east Rote, Indonesia, by using its most representative jewel: the island of Lemaina. The present goal is achieved by creating a successful and profitable business that opens the region to international tourists. In this way, we ensure sustainability of the region and her inhabitants through long term employment opportunities and educational facilities. This will be achieved through the injection of new capital and subsequently ploughing back of profits. Our vision is to “put Lemaina at the top of the chart” in the industry of tourism and hospitality.



Why should you visit Mulut Seribu?


We build with the most sustainable building material bamboo. It is stronger than steel, cheaper and even more sustainable than wood. With the right treating and protection these buildings last for more than 50 years.


We will teach local inhabitants english and advanced bamboo construction skills.
Our vision is to make a big impact to the locals in this region through our profit and non-profit projects.